How to choose the toilet toilet?

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-09-02
Toilet is decorated in the key, the key to the toilet and bathroom products, thus the choose and buy is particularly important. In China the production and use of toilet flush basically around 12 liters, pollution and waste of water is extremely serious, toilet should choose of 6 litres of water-saving toilet flushing. Water-saving toilet displacement although small, but by siphon can completely flush thoroughly. Buy toilet flushing method and installation dimension must be measured before the shuikou center distance blank metope of the distance, the distance also is what we usually say the hole distance. Now the general building with 305 mm, 400 mm the two dimensions of hole spacing. Determine the hole spacing, is to flush the way choice, the choice of the ways of washing is very important, because it may be for toilet flushing effect have a significant impact. Separation and even toilet: external no connection parts, so clean and convenient and easy to install, but the price is more expensive. Two-piece toilet: the water tank and the base of two parts, in the joint may be caused by dirt, should not be clean, but the price is cheap. Style matching number more than a toilet ceramics, ceramic products, such as toilet, wash basin, hand soap box, box, modelling color only agree the mop pool or close to, can the harmonious and beautiful. Water-saving products in how to choose the water-saving toilet, often there is a misunderstanding, think tank as saving water, do not save water depends on the size of the tank. Whether actually sit implement water conservation is not totally depends on the size of the tank, mainly lies in the toilet flush and the design of drainage system and water tank fittings. Some toilet water tank is very small, but the strong water performance is poor, a blunt not clean, to use twice or three times to rinse. Some toilet water tank is not small, but the tank to save water is very low, blunt water is very good, like water. So sit implement whether section water, can't see the size of the tank, also can't just listen to dealers, should be to distributor for the product testing report of national technical supervision organizations, will be subject to indicate the toilet flush. China's use of 6 litres of implement for the following section water sit implement.
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