How to clean the toilet is the most safe and clean?

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-30
Decorate in the family in, decorate for bathroom is full of humanized design concept, and the toilet as one of 3 big wei yu, become a when decorating, the necessary articles for daily use, a comfortable health can not only enhance sanitary toilet decorate the environment, but also have great help to the health of human body, but even high-grade toilet again, often do not clean it, and will only be vile and for health. Today lv have little skills together. Toilet maintenance skills a toilet seat, because people will not be aware of when in use and cleaning, so is the place that most bacteria, is also our cleaning and maintenance in our daily life. In general should be every one to two days to disinfection cleaning the toilet seat, using household disinfectant wipes. Some families will use the toilet mat during the winter, but this kind of closestool mat not only unfavorable to the toilet clean and easy to parasitic bacteria, so it's best to need not, if must use should often clean disinfection. Toilet maintenance skills 2 is a tool for our daily waste toilet, use frequency is high, in the family is infected with urine and feces, often appear, and there could still be residues after washing, so at the time of cleaning the toilet must clean up the toilet, which requires good habits when using the toilet, don't put the paper class, the woman with the article such as sanitary napkin throw into the toilet, this will cause the toilet jam, makes the health situation of toilet. Application for hangovers toilet brush clean. Toilet three average household maintenance skills, at the edge of the toilet will spare a wastebasket, convenient to use. But in fact this way of using is wrong, can cause the sanitary environment bacteria without health. Actually general will between high-grade toilet can be directly into the toilet paper, will not cause the toilet jam, but can't for some sanitary products, this is we need at the edge of the toilet set a health bag or wastepaper basket with a lid, so that we can prevent bacterial breeding, also easy to use. Four toilet maintenance skills in daily life, we need to clean the toilet, often also need toilet brush such cleaning items for cleaning and maintenance. Often used toilet brush is family daily cleaning the toilet clean things, and in cleaning the toilet is infected with dirt on unavoidably make toilet brush, if it is not clear in time will cause the toilet brush on bacterial growth, become the main source for the spread of bacteria. So in cleaning the toilet must carelessly clean toilet brush, necessary cleaning disinfection, such as with disinfectant.
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