How to correctly use guangdong intelligent toilet

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-22
First there is the guangdong intelligent toilet operation panel, the above there are a number of buttons, they respectively are the power, dry, clean, stop, etc. , and then their corresponding to an indicator light, it can correspond, saving energy, hot water, heating seat, and the toilet flush with the human body induction. At the time of operation, as long as the plug in, and then select the corresponding function. Guangdong main service functions of the intelligent toilet is, after using the toilet, press the 'clean', and then wash the nozzle will be in a fixed position about a minute and then stop, this operation can be repeated use. Its drying function is more applicable, only need to press drying keys, smart toilet will release the warm wind, begin to dry, if you need to stop, only need to press it again.
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