How to improve the service life of the intelligent toilet?

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-05
If consumers to buy the intelligent toilet belongs to high quality intelligent closestool, such as RongShiDa intelligent cleaner then generally no quality problem, and it's quite a long service life and can be used for a lifetime. However, if consumers do not pay attention to in the process of using protection intelligent toilet, toilet service life will be badly affected. Therefore, suggest that consumers understand how to correctly use smart toilet, in order to understand the life of the intelligent toilet. So, when using the intelligent toilet, what do you need to know? When using intelligent toilet if you throw something into the toilet, will seriously affect the service life of the toilet, such as pipe blockage, or toilet tiles corrosion, etc. Life will be reduced, so the toilet. In general, only the human waste and liquid material can be poured into the toilet, and the solid material had better not thrown into the toilet, lest affect its life. The toilet often use the following material is prohibited. First, it is the 'paper', it is not a common toilet paper, but a kind of fiber tissue. After the tissues under water is not easy to decompose. Therefore, using this kind of paper towel after, don't throw it into the toilet, in order to avoid blocking the toilet, because it is like a piece of plastic, is no longer a pure paper. Therefore, be diligent and threw the paper towel into the wastepaper basket, rather than throw the tissue into the toilet, in order to avoid problems. Second, shampoo can't poured into the toilet, with hair inside the toilet drain contents, with the passage of time can lead to drain plug, not conducive to the service life of the toilet. Especially the women's hair is longer, so it is easier to be blocked. Shampoo should be poured into the floor drain, therefore, should not be poured into export narrow basin, because lavatory equipped with filter device, so can cause congestion. While the toilet is made of ceramic tile, but if we don't repair it is easy to cause problems, so need professional cleaners clean the toilet. Pay attention to use cloth instead of steel wire ball, brush, such as material, in order to avoid damage on the surface of the ceramic tile glaze. The correct maintenance of the intelligent toilet can effectively extend the service life of the toilet and reduce congestion. RongShiDa intelligent sanitary ware is committed to intelligent smart bidet r &d and production. RongShiDa smart bidet glaze can effectively improve the purity of the toilet glaze. RongShiDa intelligent sanitary wares to create 'after using the toilet flush, disease away from you a healthy life.
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