How to select intelligent toilet decorate bridal chamber?

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-05
With the improving of the people consumption level, the toilet is in the upgrade. Material and function more accord with people's living habits. At present, the intelligent toilet is one of the hottest thing on the market. But when everyone is crazy to buy toilet seat, do you really know how to choose the intelligent toilet? In decorating a new house, then, how to choose the intelligent toilet? 1, observing the intelligent toilet closestool appearance on the market at present not only emphasizes the function of intelligent, and have further promotion in the color value, so you can according to toilet when buying adornment and styles to choose the appropriate smart toilet. 2. Energy saving water can not be ignored. Many people think that to look at whether intelligent toilet water saving and water consumption as long as enough, everything will be ok. However, flushing speed, flushing distance and water are not to be ignored is valid details. Although intelligent toilet, for example, in a use less water, but wash speed is not enough, so need to be repeated washing twice or three times, it will take more water. When buy, therefore, we must ask clear. 3. Safety coefficient, the higher the better is the most prominent function of intelligent toilet seat heating, automatic washing and drying. However, if those involved in water and electricity of high-tech can't guarantee the security, do you still dare to buy? Therefore, when buying a smart toilet, the first thing to note is safety factor! For intelligent toilet, leakage and high temperature is the most terrible discomfort, so when buy, to buying guide and customer service asked technical guarantee to prevent the leakage and high temperature. 4, pay attention to accessories and after-sales service of intelligent closestool is high-tech product, its spare parts is more complex than ordinary toilet. When buy, therefore, should pay attention to choose accessories are of good quality, low noise, water injection durability and good air tightness, no scale is not easy to corrosion of water tank. The most important thing is pay attention to after-sales service. At present, many large enterprises to provide free door-to-door delivery and installation services, in order to avoid buying smart toilet but do not use the awkward situation.
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