Huan drink unlimited comfortable - free - - Leading flower is aspersed process characteristics

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-08
Skin and is the stage of water droplets. Arbitrary jump, dance out life movement; Dripping wet is unlimited, the release of the true self. Antibacterial material - Bibcock, flower is aspersed mainly use copper and aluminum in space. Copper can sterilization, general when water flows through a brass faucets or nozzle will be sterilization. Whole copper accessories products, the structure is close, feel it, strong and durable, copper because its rare and protected and good performance. Space is the aluminum magnesium alloy, aluminum surface oxidation treatment, high strength not rusting, and space aluminum oxide layer will use more and more bright. Dual water-saving - - - - Can control the size of the water yield, according to your need to adjust, the use of water consumption can be saved. It was not clean - fast - - - Drainage holes appear jams, only need to gently wipe can clear the residual impurities. It was not hot and cold water - adjustment - - - Through simple about transport handle, provides the highest smooth degree, and can adjust the temperature accurately.
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