Implement and squatting pan which good?

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-31
Squatting pan advantages: 1. Sit implement relatively cheap price, if there is problem, the late maintenance up more convenient, cost is lower. 2. Squatting pan will not have direct contact with the human body, to use more clean. 3. Squatting pan compared to toilet take up less space. Squatting pan disadvantages: 1. When the installation process is relatively complex, or need to dig a hole down, or need to push up the ground, laborious. 2. For children and the old man squat down might be more arduous. The advantages of the toilet: 1. The toilet installation more convenient. 2. Basically can clean a toilet in place, more save water. 3. The toilet is can take a turn, wouldn't be hard for a long time. 4. Installed in the bathroom, on the vision more comfortable and beautiful. Disadvantages: 1 of the toilet. Subsequent problems maintenance costs are relatively high. 2. Squatting pan, compared with your. 3. Install the occupying space is relatively large. 4. Using the toilet will typically produce direct physical contact, many people use which produce the risk of cross infection, relative to squat toilet not health. On the other hand, from the perspective of scientific analysis, squatting defecation, man's rectum muscle is straight, people go to the toilet of abdominal pressure increases, the contraction of muscle is used to defecate, the whole process is smooth. Instead, to sit with the toilet while leg feeling is comfortable, but not conducive to normal bowel movements, have constipation can home people out of illness, serious still can cause hemorrhoids, anal fissure hemorrhage and so on.
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