Implement daily breakdown how to deal with?

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-09-01
As an important component of the toilet bath, we fault have often have all kinds of problems, such as water, sit implement not deodorizes and so on. Below, the guangdong toilet manufacturer small make up for your team on a few simple, let you of the toilet is more convenient. The most common and most annoying problem: sit implement in continuous use, flush the effect not beautiful. If you implement the problems at home, the possible reasons: 1, low water, water slowly. To check that the feed Angle valve is on first, and then check whether water tank using water to the water, such as do not meet the requirements, upon the water tank filling water to flush. 2, slow water or water. Belongs to the water supply problem, has nothing to do with the quality of the product. If the water pressure is normal, please check whether there is water tank inlet valve of a debris blocking, if yes, please remove debris. Everyday can be regular cleaning the filter on the inlet valve in order to prevent the filter clogging. 3, in the lavatory water continuously? First check the float rod chain is too short, if so, adjust the chain length to the appropriate length; Check whether water tank fixed nut tighten again, the second is the most awkward question: sit implement deodorization. If you implement the problems at home, so there are three possible reasons. A, not enough water, make water seal does not reach the designated position, deodorize. Tanks in the solution to this problem is: check whether the use of water to the water, if not reach requirement, upon the water tank filling water to flush. B, the inlet valve filling water pipe has become detached from the overflow drain valve, without filling water. Solution is to check whether the filling water pipe is installed correctly on the overflow drain valve, such as fall off, replace the water inlet pipe. C, implement drainage outlet with drainage pipe mouth sealed untrue, air leakage. This kind of circumstance should replace the toilet. Implement problems far beyond the above several, low-quality actually implement all sorts of problems is the creeping, built here is broken there, all sorts of problems allow householders. Buy a quality toilet can save a lot of bother.
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