Implement performance have?

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-09-02
Guangdong toilet manufacturer of small make up tell you sit implement performance have? A, vortex siphon the flushing action is based on the diagonal edge plays a role of vortex or export, synthesis of quick return water pipe bending siphon phenomenon triggered flush toilet. Vortex siphon with its large water seal surface area and is famous for its very quiet operation. Water through the diagonal stamping border around the outer edge, forming the centripetal effect, will constitute the eddy current in the center of the toilet closestool contents pumping into the drainage pipe, the vortex effect is beneficial to thoroughly clean the toilet, because the water hit toilet form water splash straight toward the exit, siphon to speed up, completely discharge sewage. Second, the siphon flush this is without a nozzle form siphon role of one of the two designs. It is totally dependent on water from fast sit within the circle of flushing water full of backwater pipe bending trigger inside toilet wastewater to produce siphon. It is characteristic of small water surface noise larger weaknesses. Just like dumping a bucket of water on the table of toilet, water completely full of backwater pipe bending, siphonage, rapid discharge in water from the toilet, and prevent the rising too much water in the toilet. Three, siphon jet is similar to the basic concept of siphonage backwater pipe design, this form on the efficiency of more advanced, the injection hole injection caused lots of water and immediately siphonage, without at the bucket contents increase before discharge water in barrel, in addition to work quietly, siphon jet also form a larger surface of the water. Water by sitting around and backwater bend before the injection hole, completely full of backwater pipe bending, forming absorption effect, lead to rapid discharge the water from the toilet, and prevent the water rises in the toilet. Four, strong fall type of this kind of design do not include siphonage, it depend entirely on the drop of water driving force will be formed by sewage discharged. Its characteristic is flush when the noise big, small and shallow water, sewage is not easy to rinse and produce fumes.
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