Implement pitch how to measure?

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-29
Implement pitch how to measure? Have a person like sit implement, without measurement, directly buy home, cause the size is not appropriate. Return is the process of increased costs, extend the time limit for a project. So measuring implement pitch is very important. People buy bridal chamber to decorate the size it is difficult to grasp, especially the toilet and the spacing of metope, water measurement size is not accurate, will appear all sorts of surprises. So, how to measure implement pitch? In the process of measuring what problem should note? What is the implement pitch? Implement pitch concrete refers to implement osculum center to implement the aft distance, simple said is the toilet drains the distance between the center of the circle is apart from the wall, what are you should buy this distance determines the size of the toilet, wrong size cannot be installed. So, need to first before installing sit implement measuring implement pitch. The toilet pit from size have? The toilet hole distance refers to the toilet plumbing center distance to the distance of the wall. Generally speaking, there are 300 mm, 350 mm, 400 mm and 450 mm. Reserve size before, the owners want to make sure their purchase of toilet water to decide, determine whether before or after the water in the water. What is the size of the toilet pit from usually? Under normal circumstances is 300 mm or 400 mm. Installing a toilet, to set aside the wall brick of 20 mm distance, the center line of the practice of toilet drains to the actual distance of metope is 320 mm or 420 mm. 。 The actual error belongs to normal within 10 mm. Implement pitch is wrong? And, of course, if you like the style and their size is not consistent, also can change, can buy on the market to implement special bend, generally is PVC material, because allows a certain amount, so small scale to fit the dimensions of the is not consistent. But, the bigger the corner, the greater the chances of a blockage, so suggest or choose pitch just the right sit implement. The pitch of the measuring implement should pay attention to what issues? It has already been explained, implement pitch also refers to implement osculum center to implement the distance of the back, simply said, that is, implement drains the distance between the center of the circle is apart from the wall. It is important to note that the wall should be posted here after the ceramic tile of metope, more common hole spacing is 300 mm, 350 mm or 400 mm. How to measure the old sit implement the pitch? Measuring the toilet pit from make clear water pipe structure, and then to measure the size of the hole is apart from the toilet water. Toilet is divided into the horizontally, to two water ways, side-by-side can only install a toilet, straight strong pattern to more selective, straight at or siphon can be, depending on family and pipeline structure. Row distance is 180 mm commonly, row distance is 200 mm, 305 mm, 400 mm and 580 mm, etc. Measuring from the center of the drainage pipe to the wall with your quantity, this is from the pit in the middle of the distance. Measured the distance to decide how many pitch (installation The pit is apart from) In the toilet. Such as measuring distance is 400 mm, the pit you 300 mm hole is apart from the toilet, toilet water tank and metope have 100 mm gap. On the other hand, the hole distance is 300 mm, 400 mm hole is apart from the toilet, but you will be the toilet drain hole situation does not match with the sewer, lead to can't install. So, according to the measured pitch to install the toilet. In addition to pay attention to measure when considering the thickness of the tile. After the measure suggested going upstairs and downstairs neighbor to consult, usually one unit of the same family toilet pit from is the same. Measured to implement pitch, after will implement Ann back again, in order to avoid bad breath. When buying a new toilet must will pitch told businessmen. Implement pitch small how to do? If sit implement pitch is 30 cm, toilet after laying brick distance only 28 cm? There are two kinds of way, one is to use shifter, but can easily blocked; 2 it is behind the toilet metope brick paving, set the toilet inside the wall brick, but may be not so beautiful. Good is look have 28 cm sit implement, or in subsidies wall brick is a part of a little paint, together to decoration effect. To sum up, be sure to measure quasi before buying toilet implement of pitch, according to the pitch to the choose and buy, try not to use shifter. The old sit implement new must be removed again, digital can accurately.
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