Implement stopped in the solution

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-28
Sit implement brought great convenience to our lives, but often it stuck, encountered such a situation how to solve? Guangdong toilet manufacturer of small make up to share the methods: a, use boiling water to caustic soda melt, in sit implement, wait for a period of time, nature will be cleared. Also can use at ordinary times oxalate and implement the purpose of the urine to clear. Second, the use of tap water pressure, using a soft tap water pipe, a head of access in the toilet, it around with a cloth wall, and on the other side switch on tap water, tap water pipe pressure can be completely blocked implement rushed through, note that the ends of the pipe can't leak, which ensures that the pressure inside the pipeline zui. Three, in the daily grocery stores, often can see simple toilet device, cheaper price, we can buy a daily backup, child toilet block, to fill water in the toilet, to implement mouth slapped, using air pressure dredge sit implement. Four, with a longer ventilation tube, soft texture, into the toilet inside, to sit implement water rushed inside at the same time, pay attention to the water can't be too big, until the toilet dredge. Five, also can look for a soft bamboo stick, into the toilet dredge it, this is a simple, but is also quite difficult. Six, also can buy a live loach, put it in sit implement, pour hot water in upper part, loach in hot water will be drilled down continuously, sit implement open naturally. Seven, if the toilet is blocked by hard objects, can buy a piece of wire, it into churn, and can also implement dredge. Eight, guangdong implement manufacturers think zui as a convenient way, if you really won't or don't want to yourself, then call the plumbing property or specialized institutions. Nine, to pour half of the water in the toilet, with abandoned mop, brush, or software to sit implement water crossings, forcibly dao, sit implement will open soon. Ten, in normal times, also want to pay attention to implement the maintenance, it's okay when boiling water, sit implement water pipe clear, this toilet is not easy to jam.
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