Implement which brand is good

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-09-02
Implement which brand is good? Guangdong today toilet manufacturer ceramic small make up to introduce to everyone. Sit implement, the technical characteristics in the existing implement the s-shaped trap top open, install a cleaning the bolt, the cleaning bolt is made up of inspection and cleaning the bolt gun mouth, check the mouth is embedded in a s-shaped trap upper reserved on the mouth, clean the bolt gun for tools used to remove siltation. Sit implement, when used in the human body sitting for the characteristics of the implement of the wash way is divided into straight strong pattern, siphon ( Siphon is divided into jet siphon type, spiral siphon type) Implement the installation steps have? 1, before installation should check the drainage pipe was clear, and installing the ground clean. 2, will form a complete set of seal rings mounted implement any outlet here. 3, implement installation location is determined. To implement ( Outlet) On the pipeline drains slowly down, adjust the correct position, then ( With chalk or whiteboard pen) Around the perimeter of the toilet in the tag line, and mounting holes were determined. 4 and a mounting holes. Aim at the anchor the self-contained silk mark hole, mounting hole with percussion drill, 10 ㎜ diameter, depth of 60 ㎜) , into the expansion nail glue. ( Generally don't have to install the anchor the self-contained silk) 5, glass glue inside the tag line. 6, aim at the glass glue around the mounting holes and mount sit implement, slowly pressing down on them until the level. 7, in sit implement and ground connection on glass glue, and trim around to ensure that the beautiful. 8, install the anchor the self-contained. 9, connect feed line, check the filter for the installation. 10, clean ground and tools, prohibited to use immediately, Glass glue curing generally need to 24 hours) Don't touch water, maintain implement around 24 hours.
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