In National Day Mid-Autumn festival Kang Qi technology to wish you a happy holiday

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-19
11 golden weeks, this is a tourist season, coupled with overlapping 11 and the Mid-Autumn festival holiday this year, people's willingness to travel will be more intense, eight days after all is a rare holiday, so a lot of people are planning a long trip. Kang Qi technology hope you holiday trip. Autumn, autumn, suitable to go out to travel. A rare ten a small long holiday, plus coincides with the Mid-Autumn festival, choose to go out to play is very good. Many people will choose the famous tourist attractions, but want to eleven of the big holiday, the number of people go out to travel will be abnormal, so inevitably more congestion, could only see people mountain people sea, enjoy less than the original beauty. Actually choose nearby towns also is pretty good. Choose a suitable place to own a car, bring family, enjoy a wonderful holiday life. Rare Mid-Autumn festival, National Day overlapping double festival, festival atmosphere is more intense, in this wonderful festival, bring friends and family have a pleasant trip is very good, since Kang Qi technology here also wish you have a happy holiday.
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