In set of intelligent toilet design advantages and application scope

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-24
Said in a set of intelligent toilet, have to mention co. , LTD. , the company produces the change set of intelligent toilet, etc. Series of products have been in the hotel, ( High) The food industry, beauty SPA club, KTV entertainment fitness industry of the company are widely used, use effect and feedback information back is very good, in order to feedback the old and new customers trust, also will be more efforts to design better products, now let us know about the change of the technical advantages of intelligent toilet. In set of intelligent the toilet seat in the back of the design can be replaced health film paper drum cover, when you need to replace only need to twist the tube cover, is quite simple and convenient to operate. Antibacterial PP material feels comfortable, not only make toilet appearance more beautiful and bright, but also can prevent bacteria and dirt attached to the surface of the toilet, so carefully select material and design carefully to the customers left a deep impression. Some people are afraid of lavatory in a public place, its reason is afraid of toilet is not health, in set of intelligent closestool let users' psychological fear of cushion cross infection and skin contact into lavatory who dares to eliminate concerns. Used at the same time the automatic change of toilet mat health film cannot cause the waste of resources, it can be recycled for agriculture and industry, completely accords with the fashion trend of green environmental protection. Change set of intelligent toilet humanized design make people more easy to accept, some high places are also willing to use abstract sets of intelligent toilet when decorate, used to protect the guest safety and prevent cross infection, public places, there is a common feature, that is the flow of personnel is much and miscellaneous, such places more health need to pay attention to the toilet. Relevant tags:
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