Installation crouchs implement

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-28
Squatting pan is directed when that feature the body take the squat toilets. Squatting pan into shining and shade; Squatting pan structure with return water and turn without return water. The working principle of the trap is to use a cross & quot; S' Type of bend, causing a 'seal', prevent the backflow of sewage odor. That you are using the height of the trap depends on what type of trap, and the height of the main sewer level. If the level is lower than the ground not too much, main P form should be used to return water, can use a short tube section with socket to cooperate installation height, there is no specified length, the horizontal tube has a slope. This a short pipe between the squatting pan and return water curved. If you are building the riser set aside the shuikou beneath the floor, or the location of the main is lower, should adopt s-shaped trap, below the squatting pan with a piece of short tube filled with socket height difference. In a word, don't have the height of strict rules, if when decorate, the ground of the squatting pan on a bench height, also need to add this size. Now because of the traditional crouchs implement unsafe, people have new demand of squatting pan, and invented a new emerging 'clamshell type squatting pan', this is created by the Chinese invention. Emerging safety, environmental protection, water saving, odor-proof clamshell type squatting pan, effective control of the traditional crouchs implement crouchs implement for decades due to the urinal slip, feet, and so on safety accident, better use of space, in the era of high housing prices have beautiful and easy, and many other convenient at the same time, but also overcome the often due to drop things into the urinal blockage problem of water pipe. Installation crouchs implement: 1, before installation crouchs implement check whether there is a foreign body within the drainage pipe, and product channels. 2, try fixed crouch and outlet of the installation position, height and drainage pipe butt after take off squatting pan. 3, installation and water tank, the water inlet pipe diameter 28 mm or so, the bottom of the tank to crouch implement distance is 1500 mm - in the inlet 1800 mm, such as installing tube type hand pressure in 0. More than 2 mpa, 9 litres water. 4, after the flange aprons to feed line, docking with the squatting pan into the water, and then fixed crouchs implement installation, fixed installation surface need the squatting pan with level before and after, left, right, leveling, reoccupy sealed glass glue or water silt oar products outlet and drain pipe docking ports.
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