Installation crouchs implement

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-09-02
Squatting pan installation 1, before installation crouchs implement to check whether there is foreign body within the drainage pipe, and the product channel. 2, try fixed crouch and outlet of the installation position, height and drainage pipe butt after take off squatting pan. 3, installation and water tank, the water inlet pipe diameter 28 mm or so, the bottom of the tank to crouch implement distance is 1500 mm - in the inlet 1800 mm, such as installing tube type hand pressure in 0. More than 2 mpa, 9 litres water. 4, after the flange aprons to feed line, docking with the squatting pan into the water, and then fixed crouchs implement installation, fixed installation surface must use level of the squatting pan leveling, forward, backward, left, right, then use glass glue or sealed water silt oar products outlet and drain pipe docking ports.
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