Installation of the intelligent toilet cover need to pay attention to?

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-07-31
From the perspective of comfortable, healthy, more and more families choose to buy smart toilet cover, improve the quality of life, the second is the price is not high, high cost performance. The installation is not complicated, actually intelligent toilet lid can diy, as the manual experience, save time and cost. Installation of the intelligent toilet cover need to pay attention to? Today we take a look at: 1, the cover does not apply to all the toilet seat on the sense of intelligence, humanity, technology, design feeling, but not all the toilets are applicable. Now the mainstream of intelligent toilet shell product is fit for circular toilet, toilet but with square toilet shell is very rare. Second, intelligent toilet seat cover due to the distance from the tank to implement front-end, the distance between the mounting holes, such as limited, when consumer family size exceed the permitted range, intelligent toilet seat cover is not installed well, can't replace or using the toilet. 2. Replacement repair prices high intelligent toilet lid as electrical products, within the motor and the integrated circuit has a high technical content, so early a high cost. In addition, the intelligent toilet more than warranty cover means that if a problem occurs, consumers will repair at his own expense, if the product need to replace the core components, you need to spend more cost. 3, the elderly, children most operating difficulties of the intelligent toilet cover side is equipped with button remote control operation panel and buttons for more. It increases the difficulty to the operation of the elderly and children. If the operation error, may not be able to reach well such as water, heating, deodorization effect, the product itself circuit may be down. Introduced above is small make up the intelligence and the use of the advantages of cleansing the face of the shortcomings, need to buy a toilet in the future, want to choose a good brand of smart toilet better use effect.
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