Installed toilet or squatting pan toilet?

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-09-01
Toilet manufacturer of small make up tell you installed toilet or squatting pan toilet? Cities are generally like to install the toilet inside, but there may be some places have not seen the toilet, but use the squat toilet. So with the toilet or squat toilets installed in toilet is like disturbing problem. A toilet and a weakness is very take a place, if our toilet reserved position is not very big, the toilet can cause toilet space narrow. The squat toilet won't have this kind of problem, squat toilet is take a place small. So squat toilet there are a lot of people are willing to use, and squat toilet clean up will be many convenient than toilet, do not need to use a lot of specialized tools, as long as there is a brush, without even cleaner can clean the toilet is very clean. And squat toilet use less water than the toilet, accumulated to use the toilet so save a lot of water. But the toilet is good, it is convenient, the toilet rather then sit down with the toilet, not as tired as squat toilet, not legs hemp. And the toilet is very suitable for pregnant women and the old man's family in the home, these people's action is not very convenient, if can is to use the toilet will be more convenient. And the old man was worried if he go to the toilet squat down fall event for a long time to get up. And if you have any toilet at home wouldn't worry about these problems. But the toilet is more suitable for adult use, children can be a bit difficult to use. So whether we are still squat toilet in the home is to install a toilet, can add more to the toilet a small stool. That kind of fold, so put up will not take a place. And there are special toilet stool, is designed for children and people in need, you can buy this. And if it is the middle of the squat toilet only need to purchase ordinary had macroporous stool.
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