Intelligence does not automatically flush toilet what are the reasons?

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-03
Intelligence does not automatically flush toilet what are the reasons? Around with the development of our society, so the electronic products are intelligent things to replace, intelligent home appliances and intelligent hutch defends has matured, has entered innumberable families. The emergence of the intelligent toilet brought convenience to our daily life, we don't have to toil to carry water flush the toilet. Intelligent toilet, of course, also have failure, such as intelligent automatic toilet doesn't flush, what reason is this? We take a look at the following: smart does not automatically flush toilet, is going to affect our normal use. First of all, we should first find out the reason for the intelligent toilet can not flush. 1, may be because the smart chip failed in the toilet, so everyone should be check first intelligent toilet chip, if really is a failure, we should immediately contact intelligent toilet after-sales service to deal with. 2 more often than not, this kind of situation because of the intelligent toilet tank button is broken, want to go to change the new button and, of course, is looking for professional personnel to carry out. 3, to set up automatic flush automatically flush with the remote control indicator is open, the cap body show model 700 c or 800 c, the new six key old eight, if automatically flush the light may be seat or the new flush stepper motor is broken! 4, open the lid of the tank to adjust between the button and the water valve in the cabinet of the root of the length of the rope, use for a long time will rust or loose, suggest you buy a new tie or replace with other strong points of the rope, to replace the adjustments for the length of the rope to try a few times more, can find a smooth down the position is ok. The above intelligent toilet does not automatically flush the reason have? To share here, a good intelligent toilet can let everybody at the time of the toilet has a better one experience, intelligence can help the automatic flush toilet, automatic flushing, very convenient.
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