Intelligent fault which implement?

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-26
Today toilet manufacturer small make up to introduce intelligent toilet easy appear what problem. In the history of the toilet, buckets and 'cesspit' s is a can not be forgotten, and because of its simple operation rough sanitary situation is grim and so on a variety of reasons, is defined as the toilet in the history of the development of ancient times. Before every home has a size of barrel, for 'from time to time'. To reduce bad smell, barrel mouth tend to have a board to cover in. And another way of the toilet, it is Chinese style cesspit. The shape of sag in the house yard big earthen jars. In front of the jar with a small piece of wooden boards. Little clapboard is still not enough to deter those curious eyes, only to a certain extent, obscures the view of defecation. 1) Fault phenomenon: air temperature is not hot, Other normal) Check the part: Drying device, the computer board) Excluded methods: measuring the dry heating wire box if there are 89 + / - on both ends 4 ohm resistance without the drying device is bad, if yes, confirm the correct seat press drying after measuring the heating wire is there a 220 v voltage on both ends of the box outlet, such as no voltage is bad computer board. Such as in drying devices should be careful inspection computer board. Remark: if short circuit between motor groove back sometimes caused by the increasing load and speed slow heating wire box open, can also lead to computer board D882 burning phenomenon occurs, then please tell the computer board and drying device at the same time. 2) Fault phenomenon: no deodorant ( Other normal) Check the part: Deodorant machine, computer plate) Elimination method: confirm the correct measured with multimeter 20 v dc gear after deodorization fan outlet should be 12 v voltage if a fan is bad, bad without computer board (3) Fault phenomenon: no one when, according to the hips, for women, drying can work, and nozzle for cleaning and check the parts: (lighting does not work Seat, the computer board) Method: with no dry soft cloth to wipe clean seat 20 cm from the front to the right, such as is not normal, then seat with seat sensor Chang Dao stone, in seat, such as type Ⅱ should check whether six line contact is good. 4) Fault phenomenon: when the seat, according to the hips, for women, drying is not working, and nozzle for cleaning and check the parts: (lighting work Seat, computer boards, plug in the attachment) Elimination method: with no dry soft cloth is placed on the seat sensor is directly above the multimeter tributary 20 v file flow sensor line, if there are 5 v sensor is bad ( Change the seat) Connectors or poor contact, such as 0 v bad computer board. 5) Fault phenomenon: low light flashing, More than 90 s) Check the part: The tank dry reed pipe, solenoid valve, cover and installation of the contact, transformer, computer board, ceramic pipe) Method: look at the presence of water spilled from the nozzle, such as with the measuring reed pipe is connected, if no overflow, is whether customers home water pressure is greater than zero. 4 mpa, such as greater than with a multimeter measuring electromagnetic valve on both ends of the presence of dc 12 v voltage? If no measuring transformer whether there is a time extremely ac output, such as normal computer board bad, if there are any amount then remove the solenoid valve on both ends of the resistance should be around 30 ohms, if not the whole machine and installation of the poor contact, if any, the electromagnetic valve suffocated or filter blockage, such as hear the water running may be ceramic water pipe broke in.
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