Intelligent implement 16 function effect

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-08
Intelligent toilet wash: hip hip cleaning nozzle of warm water, fully clean wash hip women: specially designed for women's daily health, special nozzle by women with warm water, carefully clean, prevent bacterial infection wash automatic induction module automatic induction module position adjustment: users don't need to move the body, can be adjusted according to size backward and forward position of wash clean: wash nozzle when moving back and forth, expanding the scope of the cleaning, enhance the cleaning effect of intelligent toilet massage: wash water pressure have rhythm changes, massage function, promote the blood circulation warm seat: computer control to make and maintain a certain temperature, even in winter, will also feel warm and comfortable temperature control: according to users' personal preferences, adjust the water temperature, gentle wind warm wind drying: blow out comfortable warm wind, dry wash after hip frank; By using PWM mode to control the temperature with 4 warm wind temperature automatic deodorization: adopting cold catalyst to deal with odor, remove odor, purify air seat cushion: using physical damping method, make the cover and seat down, avoid shock automatic induction: without induction to the front of the seat body, washing and drying, and other functions, to avoid accidentally triggered automatically flush: the user left, then implement water automatically flush nozzle self-cleaning: nozzle, when extended or retracted automatically with little water to the self cleaning nozzle power-saving features: according to the using period of time, the computer control of warm water and then heating, achieve energy-saving wireless remote control: use the remote control easily operate the use function of intelligent implement safety protection: the machine power and heating parts multiple security protection measures, eliminate safety hidden trouble. Using three plug floor drain cover the power cord, can effectively prevent the leakage cause harm.
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