Intelligent implement also can take care you

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-05
Nowadays, as people's living condition is getting better and better, intelligent life has entered the tens of thousands of households. As part of our life, intelligent implement also widely used. Really have on the market for women to implement? Yes, yes! Some intelligent implement can not only protect the health of women, but also has other cool feature. Today we take a look at: 1. Water spray smart toilet often have women hip cleaning and cleaning function, of course, we should choose the more scientific design. So, what kind of design can help a female friend to realize real care functions? The first thing to consider is the design of the spray pipe. As some water spray can spray different patterns of water, you can follow one's inclinations to fancy cleaning: massage, duct cleaning, moving back and forth to clean. 。 。 Swirling and jump, you can enjoy it with your eyes closed! Worry about polypropylene after wash cold? Here, waley nun told everyone by own experience clear, there is no need to worry about! Some smart closet design have adjustable water temperature, and use for soft water flushing. Flushing of 60 seconds just enjoy life. In addition, the spray gun position adjustable implement more comfortable, after all, each person has a different shape and the position of the adjustment to the appropriate cleaning effect is better. If the injection water pressure can be adjusted, it will be an added bonus, so that it can automatically adjust according to wash you like strength. 2. Spray nozzle to spray gun, we have to say. Many people are always worried about shower when use isn't clean. In fact, the shower only in hip cleaning and women cleaning function starts out of the toilet, but not started out. More important is, must choose to have the cleaning function of implement. Press the button after cleaning, the nozzle will automatically clean before cleaning polypropylene, to ensure that waste water clean sanitation. And then, after cleaning, since you will perform another clean, clean pollution and automatic recovery. Howe Wu Jie also pointed out, however, the intelligent toilet nozzle material is stainless steel and resin mostly, the preferred seamless medical stainless steel nozzle. If, however, with a stainless steel hose nozzle easy breeding ground for bacteria in tapping, try not to buy. 3, hot air drying of the intelligent toilet water flushing function friends can help prevent a variety of bacterial infections, rinse with warm water after a fantastic comfort. But, you want to make polypropylene in natural drying after washing? Or again and again to take a towel and paper towel to wipe it takes time and trouble? Usually after the cleaning of polypropylene, a qualified intelligent implement can blow out slowly and comfortable air, make polypropylene warm and pure and fresh. 4. Automatic deodorization can you imagine when a quiet and gentle girl friend was wearing a skirt fluttering in the wind out of the bathroom, she smells like a baby? In addition to the function of nursing, intelligent toilet automatic deodorization function less! With automatic toilet deodorization system by activated carbon absorption, peculiar smell after detected someone seated will run automatically, make toilet no longer filled with unspeakable odor. 5 when selecting a smart toilet, safe and reliable, the security performance of the product should also be considered. Otherwise, spill or other accident will lead to unimaginable consequences. We don't want the pp on fire for no reason at all. The power switch of intelligent toilet is equipped with the leakage protection device. Temperature control continuous monitoring of water temperature sensor, seat temperature and air temperature of various indicators. When the temperature anomaly, cut off power to avoid the potential safety hazard. Also good elder sister say so many, in the end, I want to remind you that the girls in the evening to implement may be afraid of the dark light, so select intelligent implement more intimately with night light. Well, I'd like to pick up the boys of spice, with a fully functional, design and thoughtful intelligent toilet home.
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