Intelligent implement creative, ability is qualified to talk about the price

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-17
Held in May in Shanghai international kitchen, bath facilities, exhibition in the show is the big brand hutch defends the excellences. As intelligent toilet hutch defends the business enterprise, to participate in the exhibition industry Xiao store, or an industry leader. Intelligent implement the wrigley sanitary ware industry, represented by holding brand series of art theme products; Music theme represented by phonographic series products; Represented by intelligent toilet and intelligent space intelligent theme products. These three ideas are unprecedented, at the fair attracted many peers and dealer's attention. Wrigley intelligent toilet has always been a high price, luxury and exists in market, perhaps only the upper consumers to have the ability to buy. Not only can this luxury as hutch defends the product normal use, for some idiosyncrasies of consumers, perhaps can be used as a 'collection'.
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