Intelligent implement specific use steps

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-21
Smart toilet said its smart, as long as there is a smart toilet cover, because a lot of people will be curious, a toilet cover can also have more intelligence, let's take a look at, it's intelligent effect, as well as how to operate. First of all, we can make it warm wind temperature setting for no heating or 45 degrees Celsius. Article when you see the wind temperature indicator is one is representing no heating, if your article air temperature indicator to the temperature of the two this time it is 45 degrees Celsius, if it is in three when its temperature is about 55 degrees Celsius. If it is in the idle state, you can press the 'rinse' button on the remote control, this time began to flush. Can also set up automatic washing, can be set to more than 6 seconds, so use after washing function will start automatically. There is also a 'automatic' button, used mainly for seating, press to hip cleaning, there will be warm wind drying for three minutes. The intelligent way completely, after watching a move? Then don't hesitate, come and experience it. Whether you choose us, intelligent toilet is here waiting for you.
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