Intelligent power socket how to install the toilet?

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-07-30
Intelligent power socket how to install the toilet? In life, as we are one of the necessities of toilet, a kind of intelligent closestool gradually become a favorite, it is a lot of people in choosing a smart toilet socket location, but don't know how should choose? Intelligent toilet socket installation height is more concerned about. How smart toilet power socket installation? Below we together to understand: intelligent toilet power outlet: intelligent toilet outlet in installation closestool is installed on the wall; 40 cm high from the ground, the vertical distance from the pit of 30 cm is ok, more is installed on the left, because most people are right-handed, and wastepaper basket is placed on the right hand side. Smart toilet socket installation process: ordinary switch socket installation process is simple, short time consuming, electrician can be generally one day all switch socket is installed in the home. Switch socket installation process, as a general rule, be clean, connection and fixed three steps. 1, clean the bottom box after switch socket installation in woodworking painter, and at the bottom of the box to avoid piling up dust. When installed on the bottom of the switch socket box first clean, especially to clean the dust impurities inside the box, box residual dirt and wet cloth to wipe. Doing so can prevent used special impurities affect the circuit. 2, connect the power cord to box out of the lead to set aside length of maintenance, and then cut wire core, be careful not to touch the wound wire core. Will wire coiling clockwise on the corresponding terminal switch or socket, then tighten the pressure head, require wire core shall not be exposed. In general, different products have different connection mode. General switch socket products will bring the product installation manual, installation time need according to the instructions for installation. The most basic requirement is that the line of fire ( L) And zero line ( N) And the ground wire ( E) Can't wrong. Wiring, different line connected to the corresponding switch socket hole, then use a screwdriver screw down the screws. 3, installation fixed after connected the power cord, place the switch socket to the installation position, with a spirit level is, and then use screws. Finally cover the decorative panel. Above intelligent toilet outlet to installation is to be here to share, to use intelligent toilet requires intelligent toilet socket, socket installation height of intelligent toilet is also have certain requirements.
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