Intelligent than the average toilet closestool can save water more?

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-07-30
Intelligent toilet is not necessarily can economize on water. Because of strong water or toilet switch. Just intelligent toilet and more other functions. Intelligent toilet USES self-developed super water-saving technologies, through injection increases the content of air bubbles, thus reducing the flow of water, cleaning technology and intelligence combined with 3 d super cyclone washing technology, formed the super water-saving toilet flushing water of 4. 8 l and below. In addition, because has the function of intelligent cleaning, hip cleaning. Since then, the toilet is no longer with a paper towel, greatly reduces the use. The main advantages are as follows: 1. High-end environment is superior. Temperature is more and more low, many people are used to install the velvet gasket in the toilet, but with the development of science and technology, intelligent toilet more and more accepted by people. Over the years, continuous innovation, toilet from smart material to shape and function. 2. Intelligent toilet more health. Careful people may find that when the toilet a few days not to brush, inside and outside there is a stain. In fact, we are invisible to the naked eye of microbes, and susceptible to disease virus, bacteria, fungi or parasites. Intelligent toilet have antiseptic effect, to prevent bacterial infections, hemorrhoids, constipation, etc. There is a big advantage. 3. Intelligent toilet is more convenient. The plastic basket inside the bathroom, if not timely cleaning, will greatly improve the reproduction rate of bacteria, intelligent toilet can 'convenient' after automatic cleaning, drying, don't need the toilet paper to wipe, can effectively solve the toilet paper and health problems caused by waste basket. 4. Intelligent toilet more comfortable. General intelligent toilet is a combination of heat, warm water cleaning, massage and other functions, provides a better cleaning effect clean and comfortable experience. Double nozzle design, provide the buttocks and women to clean, in-place cleaning; Pulse cleaning method, can enjoy SPA massage.
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