Intelligent toilet and comparison of the difference between ordinary toilet

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-08
How do you choose intelligent toilet and ordinary toilet? Nowadays, as people living condition is getting better and better, smart home more and more popular, more and more people realize the intelligent toilet does have more advantages than the average toilet. Today by foshan intelligent toilet manufacturer's staff for everyone to intelligent toilet and ordinary toilet make a comparison: the difference between a comfortable comparison: intelligent toilet safety comfortable, let heart sit to use; But usually because of concerns about cleaning in toilet squat down in the above application. Clean comparison: intelligent toilet use every time is a new toilet seat; But there is general toilet urine trace, skin, hair, or invisible to the naked eye of pollutants. Germs, mutatis mutandis, interspersed with intelligent closestool is useful to avoid germs infection; But generally the toilet can't completely clear the bacteria on the toilet seat. Cleaning by: intelligent toilet reduce cleaning cleaning production, to ensure the quality of cleaning; But usually add toilet cleaning cleaning the work also failed to completely solve the mutatis mutandis. Capital comparison: intelligent toilet without the cushions covered with clean paper again use, cleaning paper cuts and cost of cleaning water, straight down the toilet maintenance capital; The general toilet worry cleaning after the cushions covered with paper towels, mutatis mutandis, apply, the resulting cleaning, cleaning water spoils and ways of toilet paper jam. Intelligent toilet price and intelligent toilet according to look from the function, the function of the intelligent toilet seats and intelligent toilet. In cleaning, prevent bacterial infections, prevent hemorrhoids, constipation, prevent cancer, care for mothers, maintenance of obese people, the aged, prevent constipation on issues such as children, has the incomparable advantage over general toilet. Intelligent toilet cover that besides has the same advantages and intelligent toilet, it also has the strengths of the intelligent toilet does not have.
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