Intelligent toilet cover installation need to pay attention to?

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-07
Watched houses for intelligent things more and more attention, and decorate toilet is particularly important, condole top, tile is required, you will choose to implement, wash basin, shower room, such as sanitation, considering from the perspective of comfortable, healthy, more and more families choose to buy smart toilet cover, the following work is the installation of intelligent toilet cover. Today we take a look at smart toilet cover installation need to pay attention to? When installing a smart toilet cover, needs to understand implement standard, find intelligent toilet seats and implement matching criteria, such talent to ensure that the intelligent toilet cover after installation, no problems. Different brands of smart toilet cover, to implement the standard still is a must request, like the mounting holes on the toilet seat and the seat of the distance is the must request, in general, the distance between the less than 7 cm; The distance between two mounting holes should be around 15 cm. Intelligent toilet cover installation, want to consider to implement, the intelligent toilet cover does not apply to any implement, it also has the necessary constraints, before installation, needs to know in advance. Choose appropriate toilet cover, although toilet cover set intelligence, sense of humanity, science and technology, the design feels at a suit, but not all of the toilet. The current mainstream smart toilet cover product oriented to circular closestool, and with square toilet cover plate is rare. Second, intelligent toilet cover on the tank to seat front distance, the distance between the mounting holes has a limit, if consumers household size exceeded the allowed range, cannot successfully installed intelligent toilet cover, this means that either replace the toilet, or cannot be used. The old man, children, difficult operation, intelligence on one side of the seat is often equipped with a button in a wide range of operation panel, or are equipped with a button remote control in a wide range of more. It's no doubt for the aged, children increased the operation difficulty. If the wrong operation, might not be able to successfully achieve such as water, heating, deodorization effect, even may cause the product itself circuit malfunction. Not optional buy a smart toilet cover, make a reservation for a teacher to install, is bound to find intelligent toilet seats and implement the type of match, if not, can't install, if the mandatory installation, will bring not convenient for later use. More intelligent toilet cover installation need to pay attention to what is introduced here, we should choose appropriate own right smart toilet.
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