Intelligent toilet cover maintenance and cleaning

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-23
The maintenance of intelligent toilet cover: 1, not under direct sunlight, near direct heat source or exposed to soot, otherwise it will lead to change color. 2, you are the hard and heavy objects, such as the tank cover, flower POTS, buckets and POTS, etc. , otherwise will be scratching the surface or cause craze. 3, cover plate, and the appropriate seat with a soft cloth clean, disable strong acid, strong carbon and household cleanser cleaning do not use volatile agent, thinner or other chemicals to clean, otherwise it will surface corrosion. Do not use steel wire brush, such as blade sharp implements clean. 4, low cover plate in no water tank, water tank, a man should not lean back, otherwise it will lead to broken. 5, the cover plate should be light on light off, avoid collisions with water tank directly leave flecked and affect beautiful; Or may result in fracture. 6, use metal hinge ( The self-contained metal wire) Products should pay attention to, don't let the acid and alkaline solvent attached to the product, otherwise easy to rust. Intelligent toilet cover clean: 1, please do not let the abrasive chemicals and cosmetics ( Such as nail polish and aftershave) Direct contact with the toilet seat cover plate, because they can damage the surface. 2, with wooden cover need special maintenance and cleaning, can only use a mild detergent, If the dishes detergent) To clean. 3, with mobile soft foam ring toilet seat cover, don't put in the dishwasher, clothes dryer or other heat cleaning cleaning appliances. 4, you can use the dishes detergent water cleaning plate, or use the toilet seat cover special cleaner, with a sponge or soft cloth to clean. 5, after rinse, dry with a soft towel, dry plate, to ensure that key parts completely dry. 6, if remove the toilet seat cover, can consider to use large birdbath to help to clean. Relevant tags:
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