- intelligent toilet cover price advantage

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-04
Nowadays, when people buy a toilet, a lot of people like to buy smart toilet cover, it will more convenient. But there are so many kinds of intelligent toilet cover, so let us to introduce you to clean toilets and price advantage. - intelligent toilet cover price Advantage 1. All touch is key of the design of the intelligent toilet is designed with full touch button, so that we will more convenient for use. Real clean more thoroughly, the stain will not leave. 2. Nozzle automatic cleaning the intelligent toilet because of its unique intelligent and humanization design, with high automation function. After use, the toilet before and after the nozzle will be automatic cleaning, the toilet will really clean sanitation. 3. Two nozzle because of its unique design concept, the intelligent toilet has two heads, namely head hip cleaning ( At the back) And for women ( The front of the cleaning) 2 nozzle. Cleaning toilets according to different purposes. Toilets are widely used in high-end homes, hotels, villas, apartments, office building and all kinds of public buildings. This product by its exquisite technology, advanced technology, perfect after-sales service and highly around the user's preference, and enjoy high reputation. The famous is intelligent toilet seat and smart.
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