( Intelligent toilet cover price] How to select intelligent toilet cover?

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-07
How to select intelligent toilet cover? Now, intelligent household into our life soon, of course, was also the representative of the model and trend of life, 'smart' in your life to bring more convenience and happiness of life, let oneself have a more comfortable experience, to enhance our quality of life and happiness of home appliance products get more and more attention, the intelligent toilet cover is one of them. In the face of numerous market we should how to choose? We take a look at the following: the shape, the size of toilet is an ellipse, but some people's toilet shape is more heterogeneous, such as square, round, these disparate toilet seat can't install smart, think Ann can only replace the toilet. Remind everybody, many intelligent toilet seats on the right side of a control panel, if your toilet is or toilet water tank outside concave type on the right side there is not enough space, can lead to can't install, then recommend choosing no control panel, with the remote control of intelligent toilet cover. 2, the size of different manufacturers, different style intelligent toilet cover size is little different, some will be long, short, everyone before buying must follow the instructions of the product publicity page in measuring their toilet size, look to whether adaptation. Three, the core functions of intelligent toilet cover the core functions of several, one is a circle of constant temperature, which is a very important function, can let you go to the bathroom in the winter to avoid bone-chilling cold, also need not set of thermal pad to increase the possibility of bacterial growth. The second is the warm water wash, this is the core of the core. Warm water rinse including hip washing, women wash, water pressure and water temperature is adjustable, nozzle can be moved, fit the needs of different people; Have massage cleaning mode. Cleaning is through massage massage near the anus sphincter enhance bowel, is very useful in patients with constipation. Four: see prices of the intelligent toilet cover mainly is the domestic well-known brands and foreign brands, because of the brand is various, and different brand price difference is bigger, the subsequent intelligent toilet cover price has become the topic of public concern, and heating, warm water wash, warm wind drying, sterilization, such as a variety of general what closestool does not have function, it is also a smart toilet cover price is higher than the general price is the main reason for the toilet. Over how to select intelligent toilet cover is introduced here, the emergence of intelligent toilet cover is for the convenience of people's lives, and the intelligent toilet cover price will not also be fixed. With the development of science and technology, production of the intelligent toilet cover cost also will be more and more low, perhaps one day, the intelligent toilet cover price will become common, let everybody can enjoy the benefits of the development of science and technology.
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