( Intelligent toilet cover price] What are the size of the intelligent toilet cover?

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-07-29
What are the size of the intelligent toilet cover? Nowadays, people's living condition is getting better and better, smart home provides great convenience for us, such as intelligent toilet, it has all functions of ordinary toilet, at the same time combines the automatic flushing, seat heating, hip cleaning, women cleaning, massage, warm wind drying defecate is very comfortable and practical function. At present, the toilet seat is intelligent, on the market only a toilet carries a lot of features, and the price is relatively cheap, so now, many families will choose to use the intelligent toilet cover. Many people worry about their size when buy. Let's see what are the dimensions of the intelligent toilet cover? 1, in fact, for the toilet cover, the product specification on the market is relatively single, basic size length above 50 cm, the size of about 52 - 53 cm, the length of the short period of cleaning device which is about 47 - 49 cm, corresponding the inner diameter of the seat ring is about 27 cm. Usually, the size of the toilet cover basically within the scope of the two, one big, one small. Along the center line of the toilet to measure the toilet from the surface of the toilet to the length of the front of the toilet, Is the length of coverage to cover) 。 About the width of the toilet between 34 cm to 39 cm. Width is actually in choosing a greater degree of freedom, because the width of the cover plate. So, choose according to the size of the measurement is basically no problem. 2. In fact, we know the size, but some small toilet is very inconvenient to use, so advice here, whether to choose the toilet or toilet cover, had better choose a large products. For example, the length of the toilet seat up to 53 cm, very convenient. That, of course, is to choose a bigger toilet as a prerequisite. When choosing smart toilet seat, please be sure to pay attention to the size of the toilet. But when the toilet is not the same as the intelligent toilet seat brand, it and the consumers used to match the size of the toilet in the home. Generally speaking, the wall of the tank to the front of the toilet should at least 49 cm, if less than this distance, the toilet seat and a toilet and the situation does not match, use the uncomfortable. Dimensions and specifications: different toilet seat corresponding specific size is different, so when you choose some basic size, see if it matches. Here introduces the what are the dimensions of the intelligent toilet cover? , the size of different brands of smart toilet cover on the toilet has certain requirements, request the mounting holes on the toilet and the distance between the seat ring, the distance between the general and toilet seats and seat ring is less than 7 cm; The distance between the two mounting holes should be around 15 cm.
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