Intelligent toilet cover sales so fire?

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-04
Age and intelligent toilet cover originated in the United States, for medical care, the initial set up with warm water cleaning function. The U. S. was the first making intelligent toilet set of countries. Later, by South Korea, Japan imported technology gradually began to make bathroom company. Fashion and intelligence has become a current bathroom a new trend. New intelligent toilet is a multi-functional intelligent toilet, individuation, human nature, environmental protection, create a new type of high quality life. Intelligent toilet and common closestool is the biggest difference is that it increased the computer digital control system, can through the electronic remote control or button, body wash, sitting ring heating, heating drying, automatic cleaning disinfection way. Some high-end products of toilet cover also has the cushion cover plate, induction open cover, MP3 and other functions, functional design more human. Smart toilet, with its science and technology, intelligent functions such as convenience, health, human nature has gradually become the new darling of the family in the future. On the market at present there are two kinds of intelligent toilet, one is a split type intelligent toilet cover, the other is the intelligent toilet together. The function of the former and the latter is almost the same, but the former is a collection of a variety of functions in an independent device, can install and use the traditional toilet; The latter combined intelligent device and toilet, with strong integrity. It has more than a dozen close function, such as water washing, dry heating, automatic sprinkling water sterilization deodorant, self-cleaning, etc. The most special is, if in the cold winter, the toilet will automatically preheating seat ring, so you don't feel it 'cold', from now on will no longer use toilet paper. Defecation and urination, the toilet will be intelligently cleaning and drying. These functions are only can be achieved via a button in the toilet. He said: 'intelligent bathroom products pay more attention to women and the old man. Smart bathroom has many advantages, it is against women unique function, feel very intimate, old people will feel more comfortable and more clean use smart bathroom, for some people, better economic conditions is also a good choice. I think, as the improvement of intelligent toilet function, people will become more and more popular, but so far, this kind of product is the main demand of the minority, concentrated in large and medium-sized cities of economic conditions, while for the poorer the Midwest, the upgrading of these facilities is expected to take the overall improvement of living standards.
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