Intelligent toilet did not achieve a wide range of popularization in our country

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-21
Toilets in China compared with abroad still didn't get a wide range of popularization, the reason is various. Many people like to think about life on the toilet, sit for a long time do not want to stay, read newspapers, magazines or play a mobile phone. That is because the toilet in such an important role in our life, intelligent toilet also arises at the historic moment. Intelligent toilet in our store, however, does not spread abroad, there are a variety of reasons, we'll take a look at what are the reasons. The first is the toilet position is different, we generally accepted or squat, and intelligent implement when seated, this and our daily in a different way. Secondly, according to a report in the last more than half of the respondents have not heard of intelligent toilet, young people are more willing to accept the word most is, most of the elderly are not deliberately to understand. Another is a lot of people think that intelligent implement prone to problems such as safety, hygiene, the popularity of this cognitive also limits the intelligent toilet. Although smart toilet is not so widespread, but our country is a country in line with international standards, the toilet is just need the product, and the advantages of the intelligent toilet will also gained popularity, the future is bound to set off the market.
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