Intelligent toilet has what function?

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-06
Heard there may be a lot of people will sigh intelligent toilet closestool also can make it smart, intelligent toilet basically has two kinds of structure: one is intelligent toilet cover + common toilet ceramic base, is a kind of smart. Intelligent toilet has the very big difference with ordinary toilet, in addition to the ordinary toilet all function, at the same time has what function? Below we together and see it! Intelligent toilet is an upgrading generation of ordinary toilet products, like color TV instead of black and white television, is the necessity of the development of science and technology. It has all functions of ordinary toilet, combined with the automatic flush again at the same time, heating seat, hip cleaning, women cleaning, massage aperient, warm wind is very comfortable and practical functions such as drying, use advanced technology sets a toilet, fu washer, drying at an organic whole, make people change with a paper towel to wipe the past when the toilet habits, instead more comfortable environmental protection water cleaning and warm air drying, to enjoy the wonderful realm of side care while convenient. The function of the intelligent toilet: 1, the seat heating function is particularly useful in the winter, can thoroughly to race that kind of icy touch. 2 in addition to the hip cleaning, washing function, women cleaning is the most basic function of intelligent toilet cover, in addition to warm water to clean, mobile cleaning, massage cleaning, clean wide and various patterns. 3, cleaning the toilet: the machine under the computer automatic control, with appropriate warm water wash hip, leave no stain after cleaning. By warm water rhythmic stimulation anal muscle, enhanced the anal muscle blood circulation, prevent the elderly and professional characteristics of lower limb movement reduce the sphincter function caused by the recession, and hemorrhoids, constipation, has the good prevention and spa health care function. 4, water temperature regulation: set with four levels: normal temperature ( Tap water temperature) , low temperature, 35oC) , medium temperature ( 38摄氏度) , high temperature ( 41摄氏度) , can be arbitrary choice. 5, warm wind to adjust: warm wind adjustment have four file. In the low temperature, low temperature, medium temperature, high temperature. Intelligent constant temperature blow dry, dry and comfortable. 6, dynamic wind drying function: warm wind blow dries and slip in and out to the wind, heat diffusion, the well is dry. 7, antibacterial function: seat, nozzle, the nozzle made of imported antibacterial resin has antibacterial function. 8, defecating function: regulates inlet Angle valve and increasing the cleaning flow, can produce effect of enema, low hydraulic smooth defecation decomposition hard piece of help constipation patients. 9, automatic deodorization function: open the machine power switch, deodorization system automatically into work. Remove peculiar smell, the fresh air. ( Deodorant principle: by using polymer nano activated carbon adsorption odor, the service life of activated carbon for three years) 10, automatic shutdown: operation automatic shutdown after 30 seconds delay; On 10 minutes after don't enter the program operation, the machine automatic shutdown. Above is the function of the intelligent toilet, because there is so much of the intelligent toilet brand on the market, these function the same, so the user selection should be carefully when buy.
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