【 Intelligent toilet 】 How to improve the service life of the intelligent toilet?

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-07-29
If customers choose and buy of intelligence due to high quality intelligent toilet, toilet clean body implement such as intelligence. So is generally not rendering quality problems, and its use life is long, proper use lifetime all is possible. But if the customer is in use process is a temporary don't pay attention to protect intelligent toilet so good will greatly affect the use of the toilet. Intelligent sanitary insists that vast customer knowledge about how to correctly using intelligent toilet do a understanding, to know how good the use of the intelligent toilet. So it really needs to know when using intelligent toilet what things? If the use of the intelligent toilet at the free throw things inside, this will seriously affect the toilet life spans, such as pipe blockage problem, or toilet tiles from corrosion, etc. , so the toilet stature will also be reduced accordingly. In general can only be human waste and liquid substances in the toilet, and as for the solid matter is best not to throw it over there to avoid affect their life spans. Toilet generally taboo the following material, first of all, is the 'paper', this is not a common toilet paper, but a fibrous tissue, the tissue after water is not easy to decompose, so don't throw toward the toilet after using this kind of paper towels, avoid to cause the toilet jam, because this is like a piece of plastic, is no longer a simple paper. So diligent some to paper towel thrown into the rubbish bin, instead of paper towel thrown into a temporary toilet avoid present problems. Second, wash hair cannot be poured into the toilet water, in the hair and the toilet drain thing around, accumulate over a long period will cause the drain block, so about the toilet stature is unfavorable. Especially women hair is longer, are more likely to happen jam phenomenon. So you should pour shampoo into floor drain down, and not to be poured into a narrow exports sink, because the sink is set a filter unit, so can also cause clogging. While the toilet is made of ceramic tile, but if does not carry on the protection is also very easy to appear problem, needs to use when clean the toilet so professional detergent. And pay attention to using the cloth instead of steel wire ball, brush, such as material, to avoid the damage on the surface of the ceramic tile glaze. Correct maintenance intelligent implement can effectively improve the toilet use become old, yea, reduce congestion.
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