Intelligent toilet how to maintain

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-21
Intelligent toilet has arisen for a period of time, used by the people also had certain understanding to him, but many people often do some for smart when using toilet is not very good, we will rent the damage when using it? Have you done? First of all, is not to knock, trample WeiTao ware. Some people are habitually use the toilet seat, but sometimes take off then forget to put on, at the time of use will trample on it, for the life of the intelligent toilet will be have a lot of damage. Second, when it is in the closed toilet cover soft, don't close fast. Third, intelligent toilet clean, do not use a grinding effect or acid alkaline cleaning agent, solvent, such as cleaning the toilet and water tank fittings, lest cause damage to it. Fifth, do not use hot water scald WeiTao sanitary ware. A lot of people in the use of some ceramic objects will be pressed with high temperature water before, but smart toilet and other ceramic pieces are not the same, do not use hot water scald. The use of the intelligent toilet may still have some strange for us, operation not skilled it doesn't matter, as long as the intelligent toilet unfriendly things not to do it.
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