Intelligent toilet is hot, hot, heat speed type who is more health and energy saving capacity big experience good?

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-05
As people's living standards and consumption ability of ascension, the application of intelligent technology in household life popularization, the application of the intelligent toilet also gradually extended to individual families. A lot of people reflect, function without any problem, when the choose and buy, again how also is the basis of warm water rinse, seat heating, warm wind drying, etc. , see the 'hot, hot, heat speed'. Who is more big experience good health and energy saving capacity? Today by foshan staff to introduce the intelligent toilet manufacturer: at present the main heating mode of intelligent toilet has three kinds: hot heat accumulation type, i. e. thermal type, speed type. The three kinds of heating mode has their prominent advantages, there are many shortcomings. Suitable for different consumer products will also be different. So consumer is when the choose and buy in advance understanding of the features of different heating mode will help to find the right product. Thermal heat accumulation type, i. e. thermal type, speed type three kinds of heating methods have their different features. Heat accumulation type is currently on the market mainstream, technology development is more mature at the same time. I. e. thermal type multi-purpose on some high-end products series, so relative to the heat accumulation type products, it will cost more. While it is hot type also shows the percentage of market is not high, but development soon, and the market outlook. And speed hot type is between heat accumulation type and the thermal type of a kind of heating technology, at present the industry to its market outlook still exist certain disputes. Whose capacity is more big? On the market at present the mainstream of the heat accumulation type intelligent toilet water tank capacity is 800 ml, more products to use water in the process of warm water in the once finished, just need to take a few minutes waiting to continue heating. I. e. thermal type is because that is hot, so want to use as long as you use how long. Speed while it is hot type water tank, but its unique heating technology can also be a basic implementation increases with the increasing opening. Who is the experience of using better? Regenerative general relatively larger than the thermal type of flushing water flow, can take pressure adjustment, so the experience is better. But if it is a long time continuous use will appear blows hot and cold water temperature. I. e. thermal type due to water flow directly affects the water temperature, so the few is hard to make it with a pressure regulating function, water pressure is bigger, there are piles of people may can't stand it. Speed product has both the advantages of both thermal type, because it is provided by the water tank and the water heater to warm water, so it can solve the problem of sprinkler irrigation water volume small, also can continue to provide warm water. More intelligent toilet is hot, hot, heat speed type who is more health and energy saving capacity big experience good? Smart toilet manufacturers in recent years on technological breakthroughs and product demand design also gradually will focus to individual households, the marketing focus areas also turned to individual consumers, makes the intelligent toilet more widespread application in the individual family.
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