Intelligent toilet is suitable for old people to use?

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-03
Heard that intelligent toilet is the earliest to Japanese sumo, sumo is very fat, can't solve itself, intelligent toilet just press the button, massage can promote blood circulation. In Japan, South Korea, the airport is done with intelligent toilet, many residents, also is in the home is used very popular. Less in the domestic, mainly medical, disabled person with a more relaxed. So smart toilet suit old people to use? Today we take a look at: 1, safe and reliable big brands of smart toilet after many scientific test, adopting multiple security protection, there will be no leakage, electric shock, and so on and so forth. Many people don't buy intelligent toilet for the old man, is worried that appear safe hidden trouble. From the point of the current situation, safe and reliable intelligent toilet, in comparison, take a bath with electric water heater is intelligent toilet more dangerous. 2, operation convenient intelligent toilet is, after all, electrical appliances, so worry about the old man will it be a problem for you to use. Now with the change of market demand, a lot of miscellaneous functions were canceled, generally provides three functions: warm water wash, warm air drying, seat heating, these functions can be achieved by one key operation, very easy and convenient. 3, winter climate comfortable degree shouted, the old man prone to all kinds of discomfort, if using smart toilet, can provide warm cushion, then go to the toilet as a enjoying thing. Moreover rinse function solve the bending over to wipe the trouble, reduced the number and frequency of the old man bent down and avoid lumbar disease. The old man's house is very suitable for smart toilet, more convenient. Can have the effect of massage purge.
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