Intelligent toilet lift boom product that defend bath furniture

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-15
Intelligent toilet although just when introduced into China, its expensive price is difficult to shake consumers' hearts. But as in recent years, the emergence of high-end crowd, smart smart toilet in major stores and an upsurge in building materials market boom. Popular trend one: minimalism is convenient, simple intelligent toilet extremely brief wave on the reaction of the intelligent toilet can also be very fashionable, which cater to a lot of young people's mental state, so the intelligent toilet sanitary ware has become more simple, looks is a very common thing. Appearance is simple, and the inner is very full. Intelligent toilet special design of the infrared induction faucet, induction window located at the outlet, has no blind area, good sensitivity; Through carefully designed electricity saving long-life electronic circuit hidden inside, long life, without trace. Trend 2: intelligent toilet products 'furniture', many novel sanitary ware products began to the market in succession, the multifunctional lavabo, the bathroom ark of beautiful and practical and design more in line with the aesthetic of toilet, also increasingly become a hot consumer pursue. Of supermaket are smart toilet now our price is a little bit higher, but there are still many people love, modelling concise and easy, perfect cooperation cover plate and the ceramic body, configure the remote control, simple and convenient intelligent toilet loved by consumers. Trend 3: intelligent intelligent toilet products gradually into the popular intelligent implement brand development, in the progress of science and technology, intelligent toilet products are more and more scientific and technological content. Intelligent temperature of bath crock, intelligent pumping toilet technology feels dye-in-the-wood, convenient and good performance, undoubtedly has brought more comfortable for the consumer to intelligent implement new enjoy. Intelligent product design are starting from the demand of consumers, absorbing advanced electronic technology, the intelligent toilet seat to massage bathtub and bathroom ark all show a humanized design ideas.
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