Intelligent toilet low penetration in China in the future potential is enormous

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-13
Smart toilet: a few years ago has been in Japan, South Korea's universal intelligent toilet, also ushered in the market in China over the past two years the outbreak of the opportunity. All round the world intelligent toilet market present situation, has rich forms, product diversity, the prospect is bright. Although Chinese intelligent toilet cover the current penetration rate was only 1%, but as 'much starker choices-and graver consequences-in' during the national advocate the reform of the supply side, intelligent toilet will be a new opportunity for development. For decades, the concept of electronic toilet already in Japan, South Korea and China gradually sprout, TOTO even companies such as samsung launched commercial competition in this area. In most cases, these 'smart' toilet is, in fact, some can shoot hot electron sit implement. Intelligent toilet but as time goes on, the intelligent toilet now has been amazing content of science and technology, some high-end models even equipped with deodorant spray and bluetooth connectivity. Before the Spring Festival in 2015, xiao-bo wu a review of finance and economics to Japan buy a toilet cover, will be the hot issue in the field of intelligent toilet the americans don't into the forefront of public opinion, then intelligent toilet industry unprecedented attention in China. According to forward-looking industry research institute 'toilet industry in China market and investment planning analysis report shows that 2015 Chinese intelligent toilet inside sales of about 1. 95 million, growth in 80 than in 2014. 5%; Domestic sales of about 43. 900 million yuan, year-on-year growth for 78. 5%. However, compared to Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan region, intelligent toilet is still in its early in China. At present, the mainland Chinese intelligent toilet market possession is 3 million - 4 million units, the penetration rate is only 1%, Shanghai, Beijing and other cities are relatively high, three level 4 in the broad market and penetration in rural areas close to zero. Although the current intelligent toilet coverage in China is still very low, but these two years, foreign brands and domestic brands of smart toilet cover in the Chinese market sales are growing fast. In the future, the domestic intelligent toilet cover market potential is very large. Now intelligent toilet cover domestic enterprises in the face of foreign brand competition, should improve the quality of products of intelligent toilet cover, can only go to control good quality service.
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