Intelligent toilet make New Year's day gift is not tacky

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-19
Christmas just after two days, then, is New Year's day New Year New Year's day is the Gregorian calendar, which is we said off-year, New Year's day is a holiday, choosing gift becomes a lot of things people have a headache, intelligent sit implement such high-grade products as gift is absolutely. Intelligent toilet is different from ordinary sit implement, more intelligent, with heating, deodorization, clean and bring you quality life and don't have to endure the winter cold feeling. Ordinary gift too mediocre, and send a smart toilet or smart toilet cover, will greatly improve the grade, bring you a better life experience. New Year's day is our off year, formally from us closer and closer to the Chinese New Year, the thick atmosphere of festival also infected with us, to the New Year smart toilet on blessing.
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