Intelligent toilet manufacturer about the advantages of intelligent toilet cover

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-12
Intelligent toilet cover, ok? Intelligent toilet cover originated in the United States, Japan first introduced and improved, new products introduced in the 80 s, joined the set cover heating, warm water wash, warm air drying, sterilization and other functions. Below, we take a look at the function of the intelligent toilet cover is introduced and the advantages and disadvantages. Advantage, wash more health every time after using the toilet, washing function of intelligent toilet cover can take the place of toilet paper to clean, are more likely to destroy cause infectious disease viruses, bacteria, fungi or parasites. Intelligent building that has a variety of washing mode will cover not only can effectively remove dirt, can also play a massage effect. Portable sprinkler, before and after can meet the demand of different flushing of the men and women. Use smart cover of warm water and warm wind to do cleaning and drying, stimulate the capillaries to promote blood circulation, long-term use can also prevent constipation, hemorrhoids and other diseases. Second, the warm seat is not cold cold season, cold tactility chilling, toilet seat and intelligent toilet cover seat can be automatically heated to a suitable temperature of human body. Many brand also introduced a temperature control seat, with a different file type, temperature adjusted according to individual be fond of or geography and weather, no longer afraid of the toilet the cold feeling. Three, self-cleaning, deodorant, save electricity more intelligent toilet cover adopt stainless steel nozzle, the most professional brand are produced with self-cleaning function products, namely in after each use, the nozzle will spit out the waterfall of water, removal of infected with dirt. Many current intelligent toilet cover both deodorization function, the principle of which is using it in the built-in light catalyst and activated carbon to eliminate peculiar smell. In addition, in the long-term when not in use, the toilet cover will automatically reduce the seat and the water temperature, saves the electricity.
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