Intelligent toilet manufacturer about toilet classification

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-21
May for the toilet, everybody is familiar with, but the toilet as some strange, still, of course, everyone knows it is toilet is ok, but when buy, intelligent toilet manufacturer believes that if they understand the specific name will be more convenient to buy. If according to the structure, divided into separable and one-piece. The advantage of the split type is that the price is low, and have a toilet in the home, change the seat can be intelligent toilet; One-piece, integrity is strong, good visual effect. According to the way of flushing, divided into siphon and straight strong pattern. Siphon is flush noise is small, the advantages of straight strong pattern of though is cheaper, but the noise is bigger, is destined to be eliminated. According to the heating mode, divided into heat accumulation type and heat type. The advantage of low power heat accumulation type, but the hot water is very easy to be polluted. And the thermal type is who is healthy, but the downside is that the power is bigger. Say so many, compares the so much, when to buy good you want to choose what kind of? Suits own is good, it is always a good idea to shop around.
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