Intelligent toilet manufacturer declaration: to boycott Korean goods don't sell fakes

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-23
'Thad continued to heat up, let China and South Korea's national, both the Chinese and Korean people all yearn for peace, peace. It can be public safety in the south Korean government, willing to do the puppet. We will stick to the bottom line as a Chinese, and can be used for intelligent toilet manufacturer, we can do that in addition to boycott Korean goods, to support the Chinese, don't sell fakes, and the benefit of our Chinese customers. We as a smart toilet manufacturer, is a member of the Chinese enterprises, we will strictly control the production of the intelligent toilet product quality. And his brothers sisters stand together, with the best service and the technology to do you can do yourself. Here, as a member of the many intelligent toilet manufacturer, we appeal to the broad masses of Chinese enterprises, to do their own products, strictly control the product quality, resolute don't sell a fake.
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