【 Intelligent toilet manufacturer 】 Drying function of the intelligent toilet cover

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-01
For people using intelligent toilet cover, drying function is very important. When we use the toilets, the first thing to do is a function of heating cushion ring, and at the end of the toilet, heat cleaning function is running. Cleaning functions include the buttocks and before and after cleaning, the last one is hot air drying function, it is intelligent toilet cover blow out hot air, will be left in the water after washing dry, PP to give you a clean and comfortable. But it is in crisis. Dry function of intelligent toilet seat cover and seat ring heating function, i. e. thermal washing function, called the intelligent toilet seat cover, three basic functions. In the past year or two, however, many of the intelligent toilet cover dry function were cancelled. Intelligent toilet seats in guarantee the seat ring heating at the same time, improve the function of instantaneous water temperature of the gear, and can adjust the water temperature of four gear, hydraulic pressure, reciprocating cleaning, etc. And according to the local water quality, and equipped with external PP filter cotton, improved the water quality, use more secure, of course, the price also is very friendly, but only no heating drying function, which makes consumers confused. Intelligent toilet cover dry function need quite a long time, a lot of people actually don't have the patience wait a few minutes to make it completely dry; And, to use dry function for too long, in fact, may cause some damage to the skin, but to spend a lot of electricity. Use toilet paper drying not only save electricity, speed faster, but also to protect skin to taste more. Therefore, to eliminate the hot air drying function directly. In fact, the intelligent toilet seat warm wind drying function is very close and humanization. In use, the warm wind will be transferred to the highest temperature and strength, in fact, the drying speed is fast, do not need to wait too long. When using the intelligent toilet in winter, with central heating drying is very comfortable. Finally, dry functions can be manually controlled intelligent toilet cover, you can choose to use or not use, but in your spare time, you are completely in the emotional state, and are willing to use it. 'if you meet some of the more urgent case, you can choose to use the toilet, not dry. Therefore, intelligent toilet cover dry function remains to be further perfected. I don't want to use, it is possible that your family like to use, get rid of the function has a direct hit the feeling of death, completely negative, are not friendly.
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