Intelligent toilet manufacturer for your lover to send a the most intimate care

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-15
Two-child policy released, like baby's family are get everything ready to welcome the second lovely little life. But for women, there will be a painful period of a few months, especially the confined on the women in the toilet will be inconvenient, hip cleaning can't have the slightest neglect. Intelligent toilet manufacturer specially introduce women-only intelligent toilet, for your lover to send a the most intimate care. Intelligent toilet manufacturer business philosophy is to protect women and inconvenient action of the elderly, but also to protect your family's health. Intelligent toilet manufacturer according to women's health habits, careful design can meet the demand of women daily and menstrual clean, special nozzle, can be a full range of cleaning. Intelligent toilet took good care of maternal care is, intelligent toilet manufacturer to bring you and your family a most intimate care.
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