【 Intelligent toilet manufacturer 】 How to improve the life of a smart toilet?

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-08-08
With the development of our new technology very quickly, intelligent toilet have been used by many people. When the choose and buy a lot of people, did not consider the problem. In fact, as long as usually pay attention to when using and maintenance, can prolong the service life of the intelligent toilet, here to introduce some matters needing attention. So in their own home smart toilet they also increase gradually, but smart toilet, once a few days is not clean, inside and out there will be a stain. So smart how to improve the life of a toilet? The following staff to introduce: if free throw things when using smart toilet inside, this will seriously affect the service life of the toilet, such as the blockage problem, or toilet tiles from corrosion, etc. , so the life of the toilet will also be reduced accordingly. In general can only be human waste and liquid substances in the toilet, and as for the solid matter is best not to throw it over there so as not to affect its life. Toilet generally taboo the following material, first of all, is the 'paper', this is not the ordinary toilet paper, but a fibrous tissue, the tissue after water is not easy to decompose, so don't throw toward the toilet after using this kind of paper towels, so as not to cause the toilet jam, because this is like a piece of plastic, is no longer a simple paper. So diligent some to paper towel thrown into the rubbish bin, and do not use paper towel thrown into the toilet so as to avoid problems. Second, wash hair water cannot be poured into the toilet, hair will happen and what's inside the toilet drain coil, accumulate over a long period will cause the drain plug, so for the life of the toilet is unfavorable. Especially the women's hair is longer, so are more likely to happen jam phenomenon. So you should pour shampoo into floor drain, and not to be poured into a narrow exports sink, because the sink is set a filter unit, so can also cause congestion. While the toilet is made of ceramic tile, but if does not carry on the maintenance is also very easy to appear problem, so you need to use the professional detergent when cleaning toilet. And to pay attention to use the cloth instead of steel wire ball, brush, such as material, the glaze of the ceramic tile surface to avoid damage. Correct maintenance intelligent implement effectively prolonging the service life of sits implement, reduce congestion. Royalstar intelligent bathroom focus on research and development production intelligent clean body implement, royalstar intelligent clean body implement glaze can effectively improve the glaze cleanliness of toilet. Royalstar smart bathroom creates 'then empress washed with water, disease away from you' healthy life. Over the life of the intelligent toilet how to promote is introduced here, correct maintenance implement effectively prolonging the service life of sits implement, reduce congestion.
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