【 Intelligent toilet manufacturer 】 How to select intelligent toilet cover?

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-07-31
With the advent of the era of intelligence, it brings the life of people a great help, such as the emergence of intelligent toilet cover, let's say goodbye to the icy toilet seat during the winter, let toilet becomes more comfortable. 'toilets as a kind of high-tech products, popular with more and more young people. When we choose and buy smart toilet, we need to master relevant considerations, in order to make better choices. Therefore, how to select intelligent toilet cover, and then provides some methods. 1. Pay attention to the size of the intelligent toilet cover though the toilet seats usually have a common standard, but different manufacturer production of different models of the size of the intelligent toilet cover must be different. 'so when you buy toilet, had better know how big is your toilet. To do this, best method is to measure the size of the old toilet cover, and then go to the store to buy the same size intelligent toilet cover. 2, that is, extremely hot or regenerative toilet seat cover for toilet cover can is one of the core functions of cleaning. And you can adjust the water temperature of the seat. This function is particularly useful in winter, the water temperature in different seasons washing, there are many different requirements. Therefore, the water temperature is very important for the whole toilet cover. Water temperature heating mode choice is the key to select toilet cover. Use regenerative toilet cover more economic and environmental protection. And the choice of instant hot seat, usually consumes more electricity. 3. Check whether the seat is the function of prevent leakage. Because smart toilet seat and it can actually be called household electrical appliances. Therefore, we should pay special attention to safety performance of electrical items. When choosing and buying smart toilet cover, also want to see the circuit design is reasonable. If there is a leakage at the same time, also check the seat design, in order to ensure the safety of the use process.
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