【 Intelligent toilet manufacturer 】 Intelligent toilet can clean the hips?

by:ANNWA SANITARYWARE     2020-07-30
In the present social development, the household articles for use in life more and more intelligent, smart refrigerator, intelligent air conditioning, and so on. And now there are more and more people choose smart toilet, when using intelligent toilet a lot of people don't know how to use to clean the buttocks. Today by experts in the company to introduce the intelligent toilet can clean the hips? 'Hip cleaning' helps to improve local blood circulation, increase the rate of constipation, so the function of 'hip cleaning' since then, for elderly care, reduce the secondary infections anorectal disease such as health care services. 'Water' the importance of the design of the intelligent toilet adopts without water tank, compared to traditional toilet easy bacterial growth, the crisis of healthy water tank, direct use of tap water supply hip cleaning and flushing system, avoid the water in the tank for long-term not use and water pollution situation, keeping water when use 'best'. At the same time, the intelligent toilet USES 3 d blunt water, water respectively from two side outlet flow fast, instant water flow along the toilet internal rotation, make water energy released in full, strong rushed out, wash clean. 'Women cleaning' as people health consciousness awakening, intelligent toilet on the basis of 'hip cleaning' function, 'women cleaning' function has been added. Independent women special nozzle, and can effectively reduce bacterial infection of the female body parts, greatly reducing the prevalence of disease of department of gynaecology. To users have more health clean cleaning experience, specially will be cleaning the nozzle according to the latest international trends in the switch position optimization: 'hip cleaning nozzle in the former, women wash nozzle in the'. Hip washing nozzle in the former, Angle is bigger, flush more powerful. Women in the wash nozzle, Angle smaller, clean and soft; Such a design, can effectively prevent dirt fell to a female showerhead, care for women's health. The function of the intelligent toilet: 1, smart toilet has many special features: such as purity, and hip and purity, and mobile clean, sit coil insulation, warm wind drying, automatic deodorant, mute takes a seat, and so on. Is the most convenient, in addition to operate through the button panel, also specially equipped with remote control device to realize these functions, the consumer at the time of use, as long as the remote control in hand gently press, all functions can be realized easily. 2, age and intelligent toilet at first for medical care, [function can effectively reduce the anus diseases and female body parts of all the crowd bacterial infections, greatly reduce the prevalence of disease of department of gynaecology and anorectal diseases. Massage function different intensity of water potential repeat in net washing area, promote the blood circulation, prevent related diseases, especially for patients with constipation, have the effect that promote the purge. Intelligent toilet mostly joined the antibacterial design, that is, in a circle using nanometer silver antibacterial material, bacteria can't survive, avoid cross infection. Above intelligent toilet can clean the buttocks to share here, most intelligent toilet cover has currently on the market: hip cleaning, seat heating, women clean, warm wind drying, automatic deodorization, etc.
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